Neck Nomination

There is a craze called Neck Nomination currently spreading through Facebook that is causing concern for parents and schools in the UK. The practice originated in Australia and is prevalent in Universities, it has now spread to schools. In summary, an individual is dared to drink a considerable amount of alcohol quickly (to neck a drink) and to record themselves doing it. This individual then posts the recording of their drinking on Facebook and dares another two or three people (nominations), via that medium, to do the same; a challenge to be achieved within 48 hours. There is an inherent acceleration in such a cycle whereby individuals attempt to outdo the previous display. Added to which there is a sense in which those nominated feel obliged to act through the peer-pressure exerted on social media sites. Obviously such practices present a serious danger to health and may cause a young person to break the law.

It's easy to see how young people could get caught up in such a craze so this is one we think parents should be aware of and ready to nip in the bud.