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'The Meerkat Sleepover' a PSHE project supported by 

Happy New Year - everyone at The Parent Zone wishes you a happy 2014. 

We are really delighted to be starting the new term with a lovely PSHE project for infant schools.  You may remember that in our Christmas newsletter, we told you about a project which combined cute and cuddly with sound educational value. We can now share the full details - and those of you who are Corrie or Downton Abbey fans may well have already seen the new arrival!

The project involves Oleg the baby Meerpup, a new addition to the very popular Meerkat family. Oleg was first introduced to the world on the Christmas Day advert breaks during Coronation Street and Downton Abbey. He will take centre stage in a project we have developed on behalf of called “The Meerkat Sleepover”. The project is designed to be an opportunity for a class to adopt the Oleg Meerpup soft toy, and take turns to bring him home for a sleepover and care for him. The purpose of the sleepover and the support materials we have developed to accompany Oleg is to encourage children to think about the importance of responsibility, caring and why we take care of each other.

Each Reception, Year One and Year Two class can request a baby Meerkat and school pack. Children will each have a turn taking Oleg home for a “sleepover”. They will be asked to complete a diary sheet describing how they made the Meerkat feel at home, the care they provided for him and the adventures he had. The school pack includes a parent information letter and a whole class activity to introduce the project as well as the diary sheet.

If you would like to participate in this project please fill in the application form by clicking on thislink and your Meerkat and the supporting documents will be sent to you. 

If you have any queries please contact